Sound Bath Healing - Bringing you into Balance

Olivier and Megan invite you on a healing sound journey to leave you rebalanced, refreshed and reconnected.

Megan & Olivier

Welcome to Sound Bath Healing

Sound has such a powerful effect on us and often we are not even aware of it. Have you ever noticed the calming affect of listening to waves wash in over pebbles on the shoreline, or winds swooshing through tree branches or the sound of a gentle lullaby. All these things have a deeply calming effect on our system and when we are relaxed and breathing deeply we can more fully receive what we most need for our health and well-being.

We can do this for ourselves. Just try it, sit comfortably and allow the breath to even out and allow a low soft hum to sound right through you on the out breath, now open your mouth so the sound becomes a soft 'ahhh'. You may want to close your eyes. Do you feel vibration in your body and also perhaps you feel a little more centered and relaxed? This is great for calming the mind.

To get a flavour of what a Sound Bath can be like, click on the video below.