“I feel so blessed to know you both. I have used your (Carnglaze) CD in my treatments and it is creating profound shifts for people. Thanks so much for your help towards a peaceful, joyous and contented universe.”

Alice Harper, Massage therapist, Cornwall, UK.

You can watch a video of Alice talking about us here

Dear Megan and Olivier,

Thank you so much for the wonderful session on Saturday at Abbie's.  I feel blessed to have been there and receive a personal healing, it was so relaxing and beneficial on all levels :o)  all very much appreciated.

Love and peace, 


Mira Love, Yoga Teacher BWY, Spiritual Life Coach.  Penzance, Cornwall


Thank you so much for the AWESOME Sound Bath Healing at Lanhydrock yesterday, I am still buzzing as the energy sinks in!!! You guys are an awesome combination. Keep spreading the good vibes! xx

Becky Morton, Graphic designer, Cornwall

 Hi, I have just returned from (your Sound Bath at) Annie's and want to thank you very much for the gift of sound, light, love and soul you gave us all. It was deeply profound. And so many levels of being and then expanding and yet contracting. I experienced new sensations and consciousness. I felt how the earth was receiving the energies too. And then I had a huge compulsion to go outside where the stars brought me to tears. Like they were dancing to the vibrations too. I am certain the healing I received tonight has changed aspects of me forever. May your journey be blessed and your heart be full. Namaste

Joanne Syron, Meditator. Falmouth, Cornwall

Thanks Olivier for the amazing sound bath yesterday. WOW… truly powerful and divine! Can’t wait to be part of one again!

Nicole Bennett, Cleveland, Australia.

Just like to say…the Sound Bath at the Redlands Healing Centre was amazing! Both my partner Ian and I loved your healing session…we have never experienced anything so powerful and moving in such a way…it was amazing and we can’t wait to experience that again soon…thank you and Nameste.

Sophie O’Neill and Ian Cottrill,
I & S Wellness & Defence, Toowong, Australia.


I had the opportunity to experience a ‘Sound Bath’ with guided meditation with about 20 other people. It was a beautiful, peaceful and yet powerful experience…. Crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, bells and native drums… I had the deepest, most relaxed night’s sleep last night and today feel calm and centred. Can’t wait to go to the next one..it has prompted me to get out some of my guided meditation CDs and use them again. It’s all about balance.

Philip Krieg, Redcliffe, Australia.


I went to my first Sound Bath with Olivier Maxted… OH MY GOD, WOW! it was amazing. The energy running through my body was unreal…the way it made me feel during and afterwards was fantastic. I highly recommend trying it. It is very healing and balancing. I even felt today during a massage that my healing energy was magnified and that is after just one session. Looking forward to my next one. Thank you Olivier it was magic!

Jenny Buechler, Bracken Ridge, Australia.


I’d been working hard and really needed some time out to recharge my batteries. I had a Sound Bath Healing from Olivier and my whole being lifted and I felt totally blissful.

Tahlia Shalimar, the Mother of Face Lift Yoga, Cabarita Beach, Australia.


I have my own business called Balance Central and had identified some frustrations in the flow in money, in actions and in ideas.  My own awareness could see there was something wrong but I was too close to the circumstance to see it clearly.  I invited Olivier of Sound Bath Healing to come and take a look.  All I can say is Olivier has a very unique and amazing way of looking.  He came into my business and filled it with an amazing energy of love and serenity.  It was then that the truth of what was stuck was able to be revealed. It was simple (as most things are) - I had forgotten to love my business in the way a mother loves it’s child – it had felt like a burden and the frustrations and become bigger than the love. The result – a deeper connection to the space I call Balance Central – Thank you Olivier for re-engaging me with the love I have for my business.

Chris Wildeboer www.balancecentral.com.au


I had a long day and a long night and I didn’t get much sleep. I had a Sound Bath Healing from Olivier and my body relaxed completely and my heart took wing. It was almost like being in love.

DR Donovan More. Retired naturopath and International Speaker, Cabarita Beach, Australia.


A chance encounter, pure serendipity brought me to Olivier… But that’s what he’s like… he pulls things from you or out of the universe to give to you…a talented being.

Anna Bullivant, Brisbane, Australia.

I really found last night’s Sound Bath healing helpful. I loved how the sounds of the bowls and other instruments vibrated through me. I felt my stress and tension just drain away, as well as the bad pain in my ribs also disappeared. The beauty of the music you played left me feeling so relaxed as well as energised at the same time. What a lovely atmosphere you created , thank you Olivier!

Liz Oakes, Healer, Brisbane, Australia.

Dear Olivier last night’s Sound Bath was sublime……a TOTAL experience of connectedness…thank you.  Oh, and the didge and crystal bowls mixed with the drum…what a dance!

Sarita Nicole Ford, Brisbane, Australia