Autumn Equinox - lots of change happening

18/09/2016 - 20:50

There was a full moon eclipse on Friday. There's a a lot of new energy coming through from the cosmos, how’s it treating you?
We're seeing so many people having big things to deal with. It seems that as soon as we get used to one big event in our lives another one comes along to shake us up again.
Megan and I hit the ground running since returning from Australia. It was a really inspiring trip. We saw whales, crocodiles (while swimming at the beach – exciting!) and the amazing landforms of the Red Centre of the Continent. We both feel deeply transformed by the experience and this is standing us in good stead as we adjust to these changing times.
One big change for us is in the name we use to describe what we do. Sound Bath Healing was the vehicle given to me for the first part of my sound healing journey back in 2012 in Brisbane. Since joining forces we have looked for a name to describe the alchemy of what we do together.
The fact that together our initials spell OM is too powerful not to use. While staying with sound healing friends in Port Douglas we came back to the name that was given to Megan in the early days of our collaboration – OM Sound Medicine. If you have a copy of our Carnglaze CD you’ll see it on the cover.
We’ve embarked on creating a new website to share this special OM Sound Medicine with more people around the world. Stay tuned as things unfold.

We’re really enjoying using Facebook live to share what we’re up to. It was great to see comments from people in Truro while we were playing a Sound Medicine journey in the Gold Coast.
Last Thursday I really wanted to share some ideas whilst enjoying a gorgeous morning on Fistral morning. You can watch it here.

I’m traveling to Slovenia at the end of the month. I’ll be doing a workshop there with my friend Vesna. If you happen to know any Slovenes please feel free to share the details with them :
Looks like I’ll be appearing on Slovene TV too – what a hoot!

Check out these events coming up:

Free Your Voice Day. When you are witnessed in a safe space without judgement or expectation you can experience a rare form of bliss. I loved the last one of these that Megan ran. It was so beautiful to share the gorgeous Living Well Centre in Sancreed with other seeking souls and drop into a space of loving openness.

More information on this and Mantra singing events here:
College of Sound Healing Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice
This course can change your life. The voice is such a powerful instrument or self-healing and self-exploration. If you’re looking for a framework and new tools on your healing journey this could be the right one for you. More information here