Home - an article for Nimbin Good Times

07/01/2016 - 14:24

Home. I'm home. I'm enjoying realising the significance of these simple words.
It's been 2 years since I left these shores to return to Cornwall to care for my parents.Returning to this beautiful land has filled me with joy once more. I feel at home.In the 2 years that I've been away life has brought a whole new direction. When I left I had just begun creating sound meditations, or sound baths, mostly in Brisbane.
In Cornwall I met Megan Selby from The Living Voice. We began collaborating and she introduced me to a new idea of home. Coming home to Myself. Since then we've played together in Portugal, the Scottish Highlands, Bali and Glastonbury Festival. Wonderful physical journeys, and more importantly journeys into people's hearts. We treasure the encounters we have had and souls we have touched and who have shared their experiences with us.
Megan has been singing sacred mantras for many years, learning her art with people like Chloƫ Goodchild and Deva Premal. Mantras have been used for centuries to bring the divine into everyday life. Since singing with her I have experienced incredible shifts and deep healing on a soul level. I have also felt these changes in those who come and participate in our events. I feel deeply that this is how we change the world - sharing from our hearts and bringing this mindfulnessinto our daily life.
The Sound Baths that we create together are often also profound healing journeys. With people sitting or lying down they are free to completely drop into a relaxed state and receive healing vibrations. Megan plays harmonium and uses her angelic voice, I play the didj, crystal bowls and heartbeat drum and together we weave a web of healing sound.
Each event is a unique experience. The people present, the land we're on, the energy of the moment all combine to produce what is instinctively right for each person present. To bring them home to themselves.

Olivier and Megan will be creating a mantra chanting and Soundbath event at Eternity Springs, Tuntable Creek on January 16 at 4pm, $25. Bring a yoga mat and comfy things to lie on. Further details online, www.tinyurl.com/eternitysprings

This article featured in the January 2016 edition of www.nimbingoodtimes.com