It’s never too late…

30/08/2013 - 04:59
Myself and Mum

I’m in Quebec. Well, I’m over Quebec, about 11 kms above it on my way to Chicago. I left a beautifully sunny Paris this morning after a whirlwind tour of uncles and aunts and cousins in Western France. Staying with them again has let me realise how important they have been throughout my life.

My uncle asked me last night why I felt able to travel so freely with such trust in the world. I replied that it was mostly due to having been raised surrounded by love and joy. With such a strong foundation and belief in myself I know that anything is possible in this lifetime.

I love the expression ‘ít’s never too late to have a happy childhood’. For me this means it’s never too late to let go of the upsetting episodes from childhood in order to embrace the valuable lessons they hold for us.

The high-speed train from Nantes to Paris yesterday was full of young children returning from holidays at the coast. My seat was right in the middle of a group of 7 primary school children. After 3 weeks away they were happy to be returning home. They were also taking the chance to fill themselves full of sweets and lollies and all manner of sugary wonderment. Needless to say this led them to become quite excited the more the journey wore on. I know that a short while ago I would have been looking for an alternative seat, as it was yesterday I simply watched and found amusement in their games and words. Oh yes, and I cranked up my iPod…

Thanks to the wonders of modern communication I’ve been putting in place a Spring Rretreat at Solitude in the Gold Coast hinterland. I’ll be running it together with Jenny Buechler from Urban Hippie House of Health. Click this events page if you’re interested in coming away for a long weekend of relaxation and learning simple ways to live your happy childhood now.