New Year Events in Australia - SBH newsletter

07/01/2016 - 15:14

Dates for your diary:

JAN 9,10, Starlight Festival, Bangalow. 11am Saturday, 12pm Sunday
JAN. 13: Urban Hippie House Of Health, Margate, Qld 7PM
JAN 16: Eternity Springs, The Channon, 4PM
JAN 24: Zen Space, Samford, QLD, 6:30PM
JAN 30: White Sage, Main Arm via Mullumbimby, 9:30AM-5PM

We're here! Back in the Land Down Under after 2 years and many miles of travel.
It feels good to see the crystal blue skies of Northern New South Wales and swim in the glorious Pacific Ocean once more.
The Olivier that left these shores in 2013 to care for his sick mother is within me, yet I feel so much more expanded than when I left. Feeling my mother's soul depart her physical body and join with the Stars has given me a new knowledge of this amazing journey called life. She's with me always now, guiding and informing my intuitive knowings. Helping me realise this dream of a world connected in sound.
Megan and I came here via Bali. Much gratitude to Kean for inviting us to join his retreat. We had some incredible experiences with the people and the land there. We have brought that energy with us here, part of the symphony we carry from Cornwall. The worldwide web of life expressed as music.
We have a few events organised for our time here. I am so excited to think I will see a lot of good friends in the next few weeks and that you will have the chance to bathe in Megan's beautiful voice and the synergy of our sound. I know some of you won't be able to make it, I look forward to our next reunion.

See you soon!
Much love,

Olivier x

P.S. If you're on Facebook you can see an album of our Bali photos and Australian images on Olivier's Facebook page.