New Year Sound Meditation

31/12/2013 - 04:22
Olivier and Debbie

My dear friend Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy has been guided to create this opportunity to share a sound meditation from anywhere on the globe. It would be wonderful if you could join us.



“I bring The Sound and Love into my heart”

“Dhawani aur pyaar mere dil mein aay”

I have been guided and ‘asked’ to do a distant healing Sound Puja as we bring in the new energy of 2014. This Sound Puja can be ‘called in’ anytime between Midnight on New Year’s Eve and Midnight on New Year’s Day.  I will have prepared this by 30th December 2013 so the energy will be ready for any time zone to be included.  It is also a New Moon representing new beginnings, new awareness and awakenings.

The sounds will include:  The sacred OM; it is said that the world was created through sound; the syllable Om is said to contain the whole process of creation. It is the sound used to bring about peace within.

The ancient healing frequencies of the Solfeggio scale (lost to mankind for centuries, said to release many earth bound emotions stuck in the cells of the body and the energy field).

The Celestial Gate (a channelled frequency that is one of the Stellar Gateway tones, from the stars.  We are Star dust.). 

These collective tones have been carefully chosen to bring about the ‘As Above, So Below’ energy enabling ‘balance’ and deep wisdom to be felt for the forthcoming year, knowing what is important, and what is not.

The energy of the sounds will bathe your cells with the sacred ancient tones, raising your internal vibrational frequency.  Your cells will also be bathed in the LOVE of the Divine Source.  Each experience will be different and it is totally right for you whatever you experience.  You may get goosebumps or vibrational ripples through your body.  You may feel very happy, or you may cry.  You may wish to sleep after, or go for a walk, or be active.  You may feel nothing.  Know whatever you experience, it is perfect for you.  We are all universally linked so once you have ‘called in’ the Sound Puja, and allowed yourself the time to receive – know it is done. 

I have meditated on this for many days and the process started on 28th Dec.  I have also meditated with the deities of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, grace and beauty and Sarasvati the Goddess of all learning, culture, science and the arts, music and dance. She is also the Goddess of the spoken word, knowledge and wisdom.  Their collective energy has enhanced the process of the energy – chi for the Sound Puja.


The Sound Puja can be ‘called in’ at any time in the 24 hours stated.  It only needs to be called in once.  You can be alone or in a group

Please sit quietly and allow yourself about 20-30 minutes, where you will not be disturbed

Light a candle to represent light and purity

Take some gentle breaths and centre yourself

By ‘calling in’ just gently say this mantra to yourself 11 times (it is said to possess great power)

“I bring The Sound and Love into my Heart”


“Dhawani aur pyaar mere dil mein aay”

(said as: Dwani or pr mary dil may i)

Then just sit for 20-30 minutes or longer

Give your thanks and blow out your candle if you wish

Be kind to yourself for the rest of the day or evening

The word Pūjā  पूजा comes from Sanskrit, and means reverence, honour, homage, adoration, and worship.The Sound Puja, in this case, is a sacred ritual performed to spiritually celebrate an event, making a spiritual connection with the Divine and the celebration of bringing in the New Year.