Sonic Tapestries into Winter

16/11/2016 - 22:26

Such a lot has been happening for so many of us. So first of all may I invite you to take a beautiful self-loving breath. Hands on your heart with an easy inhale and Ahhh a releasing and softening exhale, and again.
How are you today?

We have just been with some of you at this year's College of Sound Healing Conference in the beautiful power spot that is Great Malvern. A perfect place to explore, experience and share the depths of Healing Sound and Stillness, surrounded by the restoring colours of autumn and life-giving quality of the fresh Spring water.

The above pictures were taken on Sunday Morning at Sunrise up in the glorious hills of Great Malvern.

Just before I stood up and shared what I'd be offering at my workshop of the weekend I realised how flooded we are with people using their voices in ways that can be confusing, conflicting and often manipulating. Sometimes it's hard to hear what is true. To me it's clear. Coming more and more to a clear space within to hear ourselves more deeply, to allow the truth of our voice, out heart, our soul to shine into the world whatever the volume and resonate with what feels true to us.
A friend shared with me that she sometimes feels self-conscious when she has the impulse to drum, sing or say a thing of importance, concerned it might affect others. My response was that we are affected more by what is not said than by what is voiced in the open and more often than not there is a need for that to be heard, shared and resonated with. Of course we have a responsibility with the words and energy behind the words that we use. If we are coming from a place that is true, which can be challenging, we can only create a greater sense of truth in the collective body.

On that note there are a few new ventures and venues popping up for us to share the richness of our voices and receive Sound Medicine and Song Wisdom.
Do check out our events at

We are very much looking forward to the gatherings we have lined up until the end of this year and very much hope we will see you in Sacred Sound soon!!

Come and join us in the depths of Cornwall in the most delightful cob house to celebrate Winter Solstice.

Carnglaze tickets will be going online to buy in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that. Save the date 14th May 2017 if you'd like to join us in this special underground sonic experience.

I'll be teaching the College of Sound Healing's 'Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice' in March. More info at

Lots of love and see you soon
Megan and Olivier xx