Is a Sound Bath Good for Your Brain?

05/02/2014 - 04:27
Mind illustration

I am overwhelmed by the powerful feedback that I get after creating a soundbath. People of all ages and backgrounds get such deep relaxation or pain relief from our events. I wondered if it was partly due to the way sound interacts with brain waves and creates different states. I decided to look a bit deeper into it and this is what I found out.

Here we will explore the different brain states, their effect on health, and how a soundbath can help create healthier ways of being. Brain wave states are measured by an electroencephalogram or EEG. The unit of measurement is cycles per second or Hertz (Hz).

Delta Waves

Delta waves range from 0-4Hz. They are produced in the deepest part of sleep. They allow the body to produce Human Growth Human (HGH) and this is an important element in tissue repair and physical healing. Inducing a delta state has powerful restorative effects on the whole system, boosting immunity and helping relaxation and regeneration.

The deep sounds of the didgeridoo are excellent in inducing delta states, especially when two didgeridoo are played together. The combination of tones produces a harmonic frequency which relaxes the brain and produces effects similar to deep meditation.

The delta state enables access to the subconscious mind. If we picture an iceberg then the tip is the conscious mind and the main bulk is the subconscious mind. Research shows that the subconscious mind is responsible for up to 97% of our conscious actions. When we can access and reprogram our subconscious mind we have much greater potential for reducing bad habits and instead creating the life that we want to live.

Theta waves

Theta waves are in the range of 4 – 7Hz. This is the state we are in when we are on top of a mountain and marvelling at the beauty of the world around us. We also experience when we first wake from a daydream or deep sleep and either wonder where we have been for the last 20 minutes or try and hang on to the amazing dream we were having.

Theta healing is a type of holistic healing which uses this theta state with often wonderful results.

During a sound bath the rhythmic pulse of the drum and the didgeridoo help induce these brain waves and allow this healing to occur.

I really found last night’s Sound Bath healing helpful! I loved how the sounds of the bowls and other instruments you played vibrated through me. I felt my stress and tension just drain away, as well as the bad pain in my ribs also disappeared. The beauty of the music you played left me feeling so relaxed as well as energized at the same time. What a lovely atmosphere you created :) Thank you Olivier!

Liz Oakes, Holistic Healer, Brisbane

Alpha waves

Research at Columbia University has shown that stress is responsible for up to 80% of illness and disease. If we can feel more relaxed and calm in life it follows that our health will improve.
Alpha states are the most relaxed form of wakefulness; they correspond to 7.5 to 12.5 Hz.

We often experience an alpha state during a massage or meditation. Your blood pressure lowers, muscle tension eases, you feel relaxed and calm.
Coming to a Sound Bath or playing a Sound Bath CD can help create this alpha state and help you access this state during the day. This will reduce stress and tension and allow your body to remain in a relaxed state, helping you achieve so much more in life without worry or fear.

“I listen to my Sound Bath CD in the car. I no longer feel tense while driving and I am much more polite to other drivers. I used to really worry about driving across town. Now I look forward to my daily commute. “
Shannon Saints, Hospitality manager, Brisbane

Mu waves

Mu waves are a similar frequency to alpha waves but come from a different part of the brain.
A Sound Bath can help entrain this frequency of brain wave and aid certain brain processes. Increasing mu waves has been linked with helping people who have autism.

Beta waves

This is the state of the active brain. You are in the beta state when you are reading this. The frequency of beta is 13 – 30 Hz.
While beta is an important state when you are active, once you finish being busy it’s time to drop into alpha and start relaxing and releasing tension.

Gamma waves

There is a lot of new evidence coming forward about this brain state. They are linked with deep transcendental meditation. 25-100Hz is the range so they are not in the typical range of everyday brain patterns. When your brain is in this state you experience greater conscious awareness.

In order to live a healthy, relaxed lifestyle it is necessary to allow your brain to function in a wide range of frequencies. To boost the immune system and allow healing, the lower the frequency the better. Listening to Sound Bath recordings and attending a Sound Bath can help entrain these healthy brain wave states and enable you to access your subconscious for even greater results.

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