Sound Medicine Triathlon Weekend

18/08/2016 - 14:35

The weekend has come – we’ve been in intense training over the last few weeks across the outback and the wet tropics. We’re returning to Brisbane now to allow all these experiences to take shape through sound and stillness.

Our triathlon this weekend is one you don’t need a bike, wetsuit or running shoes for. Three sound medicine journeys at Urban Hippie and Zen Space. We have room for more people so please share the events with others who may be interested and do come along and be part of one or all of them if you can.

We’ll be putting part of Saturday evening’s event live on Facebook so all you lovely people in other lands who love what we do can be part of our journey. It was wonderful to see so many people joining in to our Crystique Sound Medicine Journey from Cornwall.

Here are the FB event details for the Triathlon:

Friday evening at Urban Hippie, Margate:

High Vibes in the Valley on Saturday evening:

Sunday’s Song of the Soul, Healing Sound Day

Since August began we’ve been on the road. It’s been an amazing journey. We started off in Alice Springs, drove to Uluru and explored the Rock and Kata Tjuta before heading to the East McDonnell Mountains for a night at Ross River and explored the amazing Triphaina Gorge.
After flying back to Cairns we headed north to the Daintree and then West to the Atherton Tablelands, Innot Hot Springs and the Undara lave tubes. If you’re ever up in Cairns then the trip out to Undara is certainly worth factoring in.
The lava tubes are the largest on the planet. Some of them are over 20m wide. It’s quite amazing to see where ancient fig trees are growing amongst the rubble of the collapsed roof of a cave. Pockets of rainforest surviving hundreds of kilometres from the coast, their modern day range.
Then to enter down into the heart of the earth, mosaics of minerals colouring the hardened lava all around us. Horseshoe bats clinging to the roof of the cave, testament to the rich insect life of the forest outside.
Feeling the presence of earth energy all around us, sensing a consciousness that is as old as the earth itself; powerful and eternal.
When I took some photos with the flash these energies revealed themselves as orbs. Hundreds of them in one photo, when zoomed in these have beautiful colours and geometry within them. Absolutely gorgeous.
Now back at Cairns, waiting to fly south to Brisbane, our flight is delayed by an earth tremor off the coast. A modern reminder that even though we are busy in our lives of meeting deadlines and following itineraries, Gaia: Mother Nature has the final say in everything.
Now is a chance to practice surrender. Allow the cosmic timing to unfold. Fortunately this means a chance to get online and catch up with sharing our journey. It’s been like a retreat, being away from a signal, away from Facebook and emails. Feels good to be re-entering and reconnecting now.