Becoming a Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master implies that you will be able to initiate others into Reiki.

As you do this, you will realise sooner or later that there is more to Reiki than using it to heal yourself and others of specific problems. Reiki has a deeper purpose. In the same way that Reiki is able to guide healing energy when you are giving a treatment, Reiki can guide your life.

Reiki is a sacred practice and there are many joys of becoming a Reiki Master.

You don’t have to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. Treating yourself, giving yourself and others healing attunements and treating others in person and at a distance, will all be noticeably improved.

A Reiki Master is not one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has been mastered by Reiki.

This requires that we surrender completely to the spirit of Reiki, allowing it to guide many areas of our lives and become more open to this abundant source of nurturing and sustenance. 

Learning to become a Reiki Master takes time and commitment. I learned over an 18 month period, having regular treatments and spending time discussing various aspects of using Reiki and exploring my experiences with Peter McDonald, my Reiki teacher. I learned a lot about the subtleties of Reiki and also had the marvellous experience of becoming more clairvoyant. I began to see stories from my own and others past lives and also spirit guides and nature spirits.

If you decide to learn Reiki Master with me then we will take time and be thorough about it. While the Master attunement itself can be done in one day, the amount of universal energy it brings to the system is rather powerful. By learning over time your body's energy system gets ready for the transmission of Master energy. During the learning period there are a number of healing symbols which you can learn to use on the way to the final Master attunement.

If you feel called to learn Reiki Master then it is a good sign that you are ready to begin the journey. Please get in touch and we can begin the journey.