FAQ About Sound Baths

Olivier and friends

Q    What can sound therapy treat?
Research has shown that sound can have a powerful and immediate impact on the whole body helping to bring it back into harmony and promote healing. Whether you come for a regular “tune up” or relaxation session, or have a chronic long-term illness, sound healing could help you to enjoy a better quality of life.

Q    I am not sick so how could I benefit from a Sound Bath?
Even if you are in the best of health, regular treatment can strengthen your system and therefore help prevent future ill health. Sound Therapy not only addresses physical illness it also helps to balance the emotions, quieten a busy mind and give you amazing relaxation. Sound is very powerful and could also help you reach your highest potential.

Many people have changed their lives by working with healing sounds.

Q    Would a Sound Bath help me sleep?
Most people report of a “good night’s sleep” after a Sound Bath which often extends into a calm, centred feeling the next day. The more you can bring relaxation into your life the better you will be able to sleep and bring a new calmness to your life.

Q    What do I bring to a Sound Bath?
Please bring a light blanket and a mat to lie on – yoga mat is perfect. Many people also like having a pillow or cushions to support their head and knees. The aim is for you to be comfortable, so bring what you need. Eye pillows are provided.

Q    I am not comfortable lying on the floor, can I still have a Sound Bath?
Lying horizontally on the floor is the best way to enjoy a Sound Bath. If this is not possible please let us know and we will arrange a comfortable chair for you. 

Q    Will a Sound Bath bring up old issues or make me emotional?
While all participants take in the same sounds that are being played, each person’s response and experience will be different. Some people feel deeply relaxed while others say it has been life-changing. We believe each person gets exactly what they need at that moment.   After each session there is a chance to share experiences. Many participants say it is hard to put words to the experience and you just have to be there to let the healing sounds wash over you.

Q    How will I feel after a Sound Bath?
Most people feel deeply relaxed, so it’s a good idea to plan an early night, have a light meal and drink lots of water.

Q    Will issues come up after a Sound Bath?
Sound Healing can sometimes clear issues without you consciously realising it. However, some issues may surface which require further work. Please contact us if there is something you would like to discuss.

Q    I am wheelchair bound, can I still have a Sound Bath?
You are more than welcome to enjoy a Sound Bath from your wheelchair. But please contact us well before the date to find out if there is suitable wheelchair access at the venue you have chosen.

Q    Can children come to a Sound Bath?
For most children being quiet and still for any length of time is very difficult and movement, fidgeting or talking is disruptive to other participants. We therefore prefer that young participants are 13+. However, if you feel that your child would benfit and you are willing to be completely responsible for them then please do bring them along. We have had many positive experiences with children attending our events.