The Carnglaze Caverns Sound Bath

Imagine a Sound Bath underground. This album brings you the full majesty of Sound Bath music together with the magic of Carnglaze Caverns.


We are delighted to bring you this amazing souvenir of a magical day in Carnglaze Caverns. It was a true delight to play such a naturally resonant environment to a gathering of special people. To hear our voices and the instruments weave together with the natural sounds of the cavern is something really quite unique. We hope you take our gift of sacred sounds and weave them into your life to bring relaxation and a sense of connection to the heart of the earth. Namaste.

“I feel so blessed to know you both. I have used your CD in my treatments and it is creating profound shifts for people. Thanks so much for your help towards a peaceful, joyous and contented universe.” Alice Harper, Massage therapist, Cornwall, UK.

 “I used the new cd in a healing yesterday. Wow profound!! Mind blowing. It heightens the energy as well as healing. It's very good and Megan's voice is like a primal call.” Jenny Buechler, Kahuna massage therapist, Brisbane.

About Olivier
His journey in the healing arts has been primarily focused on Eastern philosophies, culminating in Reiki Mastery. Since creating Sound Bath Healing in 2012 he has circled the globe, sharing the didjeridoo and crystal bowls with individuals and groups in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States and Europe.

About Megan
Her creative talents have been a rich part of her life since childhood. She has focused these in recent years into using sound, especially her voice, for healing. A tutor and practitioner with the College of Sound Healing Megan runs chanting groups and teaches voice work in her native Cornwall and further afield.

Sharing a Vision
Since their first collaboration in 2014 Olivier and Megan have shared a vision of unifying people and communities through sound. They have created a strong following in Cornwall and have been invited to play at retreats and festivals throughout the UK and Europe. Thank you for being part of their goal to create a global community through sound.