Heaven & Earth (CD or MP3)

A journey with didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, sacred Tibetan bowls and other instruments.


Olivier Maxted and Dave Reynolds are two experienced Sound Bath practitioners who discovered that by combining their energies they could produce a powerful healing experience.

This CD was inspired by a joint workshop they conducted in Lismore Australia that brought to the light their playing techniques and philosophies.

The result of their first collaboration is : Heaven and Earth: Two Souls, One vision.

With four didjeridoos, 4 crystal singing bowls and an array of sacred Tibetan bowls and other instruments, Olivier and Dave have created a deeply transformative sound experience for you to enjoy and luxuriate in.

Olivier had this to say about the recording:

"Dave and I had been making music together for some time and after playing a wonderful Sound Bath together we decided to make a recording so that more people could experience the joy of Sound Bath Healing.

We both love the way the sacred sound of the didjeridoo and the singing crystal bowls combine to create a sonic space in which great healing can take place.

We went to the studio in Mango Hill, Queensland where I had recorded my first CD.  Shane, the engineer there has a special understanding of how to capture the sounds of the crystal singing bowls and the didjeridoo together with the other instruments.

We played a complete Sound Bath through in one go and we were truly delighted at the end to feel the power of what we had just created.

Please enjoy this sacred Sound Bath music and allow it to bring you to a place of deep relaxation and healing at a spiritual level.