Singing Into Stillness

Mantra is such a beautiful way to connect with the divinity within us. As we awaken through our voices we feel something wonderful happen, beyond anything that can be described in words.


This collection of Mantras is an offering to you as a meditation through sacred song. You may choose to use them in your daily practice or simply to bring a deeper calm and sense of centre into your environment. Megan’s journey into music began at a very early age and has shaped her whole adult life. Her exploration of music has taken her to many instruments, however she always returns to the voice as the ultimate expression of self. A tutor and practitioner with The College of Sound Healing, Megan runs regular chanting and sound meditation groups, teaches voice work and practises Sound Healing in her native Cornwall and further afield.

Track Listing

1. Invocation
2. Sa Ta Nam Ma
3. Om Tara Tu Tare
4. Teyata Om Bekanze
5. Ahem Prema
6. Om Nama Shivaya
7. Om Mani Padme Hum
8. Gayatri Mantra
9. Gate Gate Paragate
10. So Ham