Soul Immersion (MP3)

A series of guided meditations to take you even deeper into your healing process.


Listen to Kean Buckley as he takes you on a journey into healing. The sacred sounds of the didjeridoo, crystal bowls and solfeggio tones will transport support you and help you integrate the new, clearer energy that is brought through. 

This recording features the frequencies of 528 Hz and 333 Hz.

528 Hz is the resonant frequency of the double helix of DNA. Gregorian and Sanskrit chants use 528 Hz and have been shown to directly affect DNA in a way that promotes repair and therefore healing.

333 Hz is produced via a copper tensor ring. The crystal bowls from this recording produce a sound which some people see as colours.  With the Tensor Ring, the color bands get wider and brighter and create a lighter spectrum.
The ring was created by Brian Besco from The Energy Garden under the guidance of Thoth, Metatron, and Merlin. These powerful beings bring a whole extra dimension of guided healing.

Take time out and nourish yourself on this blessed Soulbath journey.